UnixDos Toolkit for Windows

Summary: All 62+ Unix 32-bit utilities for MS-DOS
License: Shareware

Description: UnixDos for MS-DOS is a toolkit containing all 62 main Unix utilities plus 21 new usefull utilities (see http://www.profsoftware.com/unixdos/ for details). All UnixDos utilities can run directly on any IBM compatible computer and need no special shell or installation. UnixDos contains a full 200 page Documentation with many examples.

The following utilities are available:
Move/delete/change files and directories: (u)cd, chmod, cp, cpio, mkdir, mv, mvdir, rm, touch

Display/search the contents of files: bgrep, bvi, cat, egrep, fgrep, file, grep, head, nl, umore, od, pr, tail, tee, strings

Manipulate file contents (analyze, convert, count, edit, extract, sort, split ...): af, b64, bed, bsplit, cut, dd, dio, dos2unix, getlines, io, m4, sed, (u)sort, split, sum, tr, unix2dos, uuencode, uudecode, wc

List or find files and directories: basename, df, dirname, drvname, extname, filename, du, ls, mf, (u)find, pwd, slash, which

Compare or merge files and directories: cf, cmp, cmpdir, comm, diff, join, paste, uniq, test

User Interaction: line, usrchar, usrprmpt

Miscellaneous Functions: add, add_func, banner, bbanner, bell, cal, cc1, cc3, clear, conv, (u)date, (u)echo, env, exit, expr, mak2mk, sleep, (u)time, uptime, saveexit, setenv, show_exp

UnixDos provides the regular Unix argument expansion plus several powerful extensions: full and selective inversion (rm -rfl !*.zip), text on cmd line for filename replacement (cut -f2 -d, ~f1,here,f3), cfg of special char, default argument env variable.

UnixDos also has many improvements over the "classic" Unix Limitations: text lines can be up to 10,000 bytes long (instead of 512/1024), can process up to 3000 files per directory, du/find show sorted output etc.

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